Expectant parents - can you help?

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ZachM Mon 24-Feb-20 22:19:33

Hello! My name is Zach. I am a student at the British Psychotherapy Foundation (BPF). I am looking for a family expecting a baby between now and June, and willing for me to visit them for an hour weekly as part of an infant observation.

Infant observation is a component of training in psychotherapy at the BPF. The course aims to build my understanding of your infant’s emotional and physical development.

Why take part?
Parents who take part often find it incredibly enriching -- finding that the process gives them space to better reflect on their baby's changes, personality and emotional needs. You will also be supporting my training in psychotherapy!

Interested to know more?
If you are willing to find out more, please reply or send me an email at zachm.bpf@gmail.com.

We would meet at least once before your baby is born and continue the visits until your baby's 2nd birthday. I have an enhanced DBS check for working with children, and I'd love to have a chat with you if this sounds interesting!

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