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Mum and toddler groups on Fridays in Hove/Brighton...???? Any other Brighton to London Commuters here??

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SorrelsMum Wed 05-Sep-07 09:30:43

Hi there I have just found this site - fantastic! Although seems a little quiet on the Brighton section - Brighton is not usually known for being quiet !!! wink
Anyway - I have a 2 and a half year old - I live in central Brighton and yet work in London and travel up to the city Monday to Thursday (which is pretty exhausting)- I have Fridays at home with my little girl - which I love obviously - strolls along the sea front etc have been fantastic in the summer (and I am close to a number of NCT friends) - however now winter is going to be upon us I am looking for a fun place to visit other mums and where Sorrel can have fun playing and meeting new friends on a Friday. Can anyone suggest anything? If not I may look in to trying to organise something - we have a lot of creative and interesting individuals in Brighton so it would be great to form something new with like minded individuals...

Look forward to hearing from you all!!!

MABS Fri 07-Sep-07 19:14:39

come to join us at our lunch in Brighton on 29 Sept, be good to meet you. Look in meet-ups topic.

Sosso Mon 10-Sep-07 22:27:57

Hi there! I am another mom chained (mon - wed) to the commute to London. But it's all worth it for the excellent fridays in particular! I go to the arts and crafts playgroup in the Talmer Centre in the centre of town. It's part of the sure start program and is really fab. It's starting again next week (having broken off for the summer). I will be on holiday until end of September but will be back in attendance in October. Let me know if you are going and we can say hello there!

iheartdusty Wed 12-Sep-07 08:14:55

my 2 used to love Kindaroo - a music and activity group - there are several sessions so probably one close to you on a Friday.

If you look in ABC magazine there are loads of listings for groups, music sessions, etc.

It's a fab place to live, isn't it!

NYEm Tue 09-Oct-07 18:14:56

Hi Sorrels Mum,
Is this Sorrel from Tuesday's Music for Aardvarks? It's the only Sorrel I know so thought I'd check. I'm her teacher! It was great to have her and her Dad in class today. I've got a little boy the same age so spend some time here on Mumsnet as well to get all the Brighton kiddy info - although you are right, it is rather quiet here.
All the best,

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