Family friendly areas?

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AilsaW90 Thu 13-Feb-20 13:26:38

Hey! We are currently in Mount Florida but looking to move further out of Glasgow to look for a family home... can anyone reccommend some good areas??

Ideally we want:
- good schools
- not too pricey (can't afford Giffnock/Newton Mearns etc)
- some local cafes/restaurants
- community feel rather than just a development in the middle of no where

Any help would be really appreciated! We're considering Stewarton and outside East Kilbride (stewartfield/lindsayfield) - any opinions on these? Any other areas to avoid/look at? Any reccommendations in the North?


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sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 13-Feb-20 16:13:39

Bearsden covers the list you put out x

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