Train travel to Townley Grammar from Blackheath

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FelicityForthright Fri 24-Jan-20 15:36:07

Does anyone in Blackheath have a daughter commuting to Townley by train? If so, I would be grateful for advice about the cheapest option. In theory the return journey should cost £2.30 for a 12 year old, but if she gets to Bexleyheath station after about 4:05pm in the afternoon, she gets charged a peak fare, even though, if she stayed on the train all the way to zone one, it would only be 75p because she is travelling against the traffic. To add insult to injury, because she is often rushing, and the sensors are a bit hit and miss, we get charged for lots of incomplete journeys, and the functionality for claiming refunds of incompleted journeys online hasn't worked for months. Grateful for any advice as to how to contain costs.

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