Considering a move to Dundee

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Betula123 Fri 24-Jan-20 13:57:56

Hello! This is my first mumsnet post! 😀 I am originally from the Aberdeen area but currently live in Bristol with my husband and 2 boys (5 & 2). Been living down south for the last 16 years but for various reasons we are now considering a move to Dundee and area and are particularly keen on Broughty Ferry. I guess I’m on here looking for a bit of encouragement from folks living in the area. Really feeling the fear about putting us through a big move. My oldest son is in reception yr at school (primary 1 equivalent) so would have to move school, I would be looking for work as a gardener and husband who is an illustrator would be looking for a studio to work in. I’d be so grateful to anyone who could give me any reasons to go for it, tips or words of encouragement. We want to sell our house this spring and move during the school summer holidays. We plan to rent it’s first until we find our feet. Thank you!

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Gloriaa Fri 24-Jan-20 14:02:39

I would recommend a viewing or Crocodile Dundee before making any decisions. Quite dangerous as far as I can tell.

Larkin1 Thu 11-Jun-20 22:19:31

Hi, I know this is maybe a bit late but Thought I would give you some advice anyway. Broughty ferry is a lovely place it has 2 of the top schools in Scotland, however, although it is on the outskirts of Dundee. It is not considered Dundee. BF is very middle class IMO and Dundee tends to be very rough. Edinburgh would be my first choice but broughty would be my second i live about 30 miles away. They have lovely little boutique shops and local restaurants, a beach and playpark amd excellent schools. It's down fall is a think people are a bit up themselves and its very near rough Dundee. I hope that's useful.

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