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Are there any good playgrounds in Luton?

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MuffinMclay Thu 30-Aug-07 13:25:30

Ones with slides, climbing frames etc suitable for very young children (ds is 16 months). Just looking for small and ordinary playgrounds, nothing fancy needed, and with very easy parking nearby.

Hitchin is woefully short of such things, as far as I can tell.

feetheart Fri 21-Sep-07 22:30:42

Sorry, only just found this.

Wardown Park is pretty good - swings, slides, train thing, etc. We usually park at the museum but I think that entrance is closed ATM so you have to go further along the road and either turn into the carpark or park on the road.

There are also ducks and an ice-cream place though I would avoid the toilets which are just plain nasty grin

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 26-Sep-07 23:16:15

MM - only just seen this, but have you been to Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage? It's fab, and your ds will love it! Happy to take you sometime so that you can see exactly where to park.

lizziemun Mon 15-Sep-08 13:08:57

Probaly a bit late, but i have only just found this thread.

The Sports centre opposite Stopsley High School has a play group on a friday for toddlers. It about £1 for and hours play and singing.

AKMD Fri 16-Oct-09 23:46:29

Really late on this one... Stockwood park has just opened a new Discovery Centre with fantastic gardens and playground.

MimiDaler Sat 24-Oct-09 11:59:12

memorial park on westhill road in luton is very good, clean, maintained and its rarely busy.

i used to live near wardown but wouldnt take my son there as it was filthy.

madmissy Tue 25-May-10 21:15:03

Wardown much improved now, not tried stockwood one.
I personally love St Albans park. Fantastic!

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