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ashdm Mon 27-Aug-07 16:51:45

Hi There,

Just joined so I thought I would say hello



tasha21 Sun 06-Jan-08 18:35:13

hiya im just saying hello too grin

missypink Wed 09-Jan-08 00:24:52


tasha21 Wed 09-Jan-08 13:24:44

i didnt think anybody was about lol have posted on the mumsnet local a couple of times and never got replies smile

tasha21 Wed 09-Jan-08 14:32:17

where you from missy?smile

barmymamma Sun 15-Jun-08 14:14:27

hiya all wink are you all still there? need some help finding local activites for my ds. smile

twinmomma Sun 16-Nov-08 22:01:36

Hi County Antrim Mums,

Please let all other Mum's know that the play cafe Jumping Java in bangor doesn't police check their staff. We need to warn everyone as someone dangerous could be getting access to young kids.

Please pass this on - protect our kids!!!

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