Help! Thinking about moving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh

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stephielc Sat 21-Dec-19 10:06:58

Hi everyone, my family and I (3 kids under 6) are currently based in Aberdeen due to my husband's work. As of next year my husband will be going on rotation & therefore we don't have to keep Aberdeen as our base anymore. I also have family in Morningside, which is another reason I'd like to relocate us.

However, I don't know Edinburgh very well when it comes to the best family areas and state schools - We're most familiar with Morningside and Stockbridge but I'm very aware of how expensive these areas are. We're fortunate in Aberdeen right now that our children attend a very good primary school and I'm nervous of taking this for granted. Has anyone on here moved from Aberdeen to Edinburgh before and how have you found it?

I'd be really grateful to hear of any potential areas we could look at where house prices won't be astronomical. Cramond is on our list and possibly Colinton? TIA x

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AssangesCat Wed 08-Jan-20 09:22:20

It really depends what your priorities are. You'll get a bigger home and more outside space in some areas and further out but you'll be further from family and city centre stuff. For example you'd get a house and garden in Buckstone for the price of a flat in Morningside, and you'd still be in catchment for good schools, but it's still not a bargain.

You could try searching ESPC or Rightmove to see what areas are affordable for the type of property you're looking for.

House prices are closely linked to the reputation of the catchment schools, but there are great schools where your children would be very happy and successful that don't make it to the most wanted list.

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