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anyone up for meeting at the Barefoot Cafe? (kemptown end of the seafront)

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Spink Thu 23-Aug-07 13:20:43

hello, I have ds aged 6 months and am going a leetle stir crazy from being cooped up all day. Really up for a stroll and maybe even a cup of tea and cake with someone! Most days are good for me

Sosso Thu 23-Aug-07 14:27:09

Hi there -
I have tried to organise a coffee morning kind of thing in St Anne's Wells gardens. Am meeting with Rachael (Sunny Smiles) today at 4. If we meet again, do you fancy coming along?
Otherwise, I would be up for meeting up for a beach front stroll on one of the days I don't work (thursdays and fridays). As for cake, why, how can one say no to cake! Do you know any good places?
Let me know if you want to try to meet up. I can't actually do next week, but can the week after (6th sept?).

Spink Thu 23-Aug-07 15:33:27

the barefoot cafe does lovely cakes... and the Queen's Park Cafe too. Where is St Anne's Wells?
I would love to meet up.. tho actually I'm away the first few weeks of Sept, so it could be a while before we manage it. Fridays are best for me, maybe we could work towards the 28th Sept?!

Sosso Fri 24-Aug-07 12:58:40

Isn't it amazing how weeks roll by so quickly?! I am away too until the 29th September so we may only end up being able to make it in October. Shame.. Still, I say we perservere.
St Ann's Wells Gardens is sort of left of seven dials and above the montpelier area. It's a really really charming park and has a cafe that does the best homemade cakes! Should we "pencil in" (as they say wink) the 5th October? We can decide on destination closer to the time.
ps: i saw you love Penelopiad by M Atwood - I actually chose that for my book club! And Amelie is definitely one of my favourites!

Spink Fri 24-Aug-07 13:25:03

5th October is pencilled!
ah the days of reading and watching films.... I remember them grin

MABS Fri 07-Sep-07 19:15:09

come to join us at our lunch in Brighton on 29 Sept, be good to meet you. Look in meet-ups topic.

Spink Tue 25-Sep-07 12:38:16

Sosso - are you around? And still on for meeting next Friday?

Sosso Sun 30-Sep-07 12:43:31

Hi there! Just got back from holiday and getting back into the swing of things. Friday pm is still good for me though thursday would be even better. Could you do that? If not, what time suits you friday pm? Look forward to meeting you both. Sophie

Sosso Thu 04-Oct-07 20:35:15

Not sure if you're still around or up for meeting. I am going to arts and crafts playgroup at the tarner centre - polkey street I think - tomorrow 10-12. But then I'll go off to the big smoke for the pm seeing as we have no firm plans. Hope to see you at arts and crafts if you're around or to meet up some other time. Look for a brown head mom called sophie and a blonde haired girl called amelie!

Spink Sat 06-Oct-07 20:17:18

Argh - I was overtaken by stuff and completely forgot, Sophie sad - sorry! How are you to meet next week (week starting the 15th Oct)?

Sosso Sun 07-Oct-07 09:18:47

No worries - My brain is often like a sieve! Can't do the 11th / 12th but can the 18th/19th if you're around. Let me know.


Spink Sun 07-Oct-07 10:12:10

18th or 19th are fine for me. Whichever suits you better grin

Sosso Tue 16-Oct-07 21:44:38

Cool - let's meet on thursday if that's still good for you. I think I have an appointment at some point but can't remember when (think am). Should we say 3:30 at the barefoot cafe? and i'll let you know if the time is no good after all. Where is the barefoot cafe?

Spink Wed 17-Oct-07 12:15:13

ARGH! Sosso, my father in law has just called to say he is coming to stay with us on Thurs night and will be arriving that morning. I can't say no as he and dh need to catch up fairly seriously and it is the only time he can come..
blush can we make it NEXT Thurs, 3.30pm at the Barefoot??

Spink Wed 17-Oct-07 12:17:09

The barefoot is at the Kemp Town end of the seafront. You can walk from the pier, it takes about 10 mins to get there. It is the cafe attached to the new beach volleyball courts. Next to the children's playground and mini golf places.
If you drive there is plenty of parking around there (Pay and Display I think)

Sosso Thu 18-Oct-07 14:00:39

Will we ever make it?!?! wink Life does get filled up so quickly. But I can do next thursday and barefoot sounds great - can let amelie run around whilst I drink my coffee leisurely. I am putting it in pen this time in my diary - 3:30 thursday 25th at barefoot cafe. Let's hope life does not get in the way smile

Spink Thu 18-Oct-07 16:12:33

it is in my diary too. Really looking forward to meeting you! Look out for the tallish brown haired me with 8-month Frank - he'll probably be wearing his navy and white stripey hat wink

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