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Anyone in Lanarkshire?

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bigspender30 Wed 22-Aug-07 13:23:48

Hi there! Anyone from Lanarkshire?

YELLOWFRENCH Mon 17-Sep-07 11:01:10

Hiya, yes i'm from Lanark!

horsemadgal Wed 19-Sep-07 14:42:41

Hello ladies, I'm from Motherwell. I'm 36 and mum to DS who will be 4 in December.
My e-mail is if anyone wants to chat.

db3 Thu 20-Sep-07 12:59:31

HI, ive just joined and im asking for your help, i am currently fundrasing for local carluketoddler Arran Ramsey, and i am holding a ladies night in Baker Street in Wishaw on 19 October to raise funds for much needed speciaist equipment for him. I am loking for good fun mums of all ages to come along and help raise money for this special wee boy. we are havng raffles etc with some fantastic prizes and we are also having a pole dancing demonstartion, this is the new fitness craze.. So please mums of all ages come along and support 3 year old Arran, contact me on 07740677414 for more details

bigspender30 Tue 30-Oct-07 20:28:49

so sorry ladies, I started this thread then forgot to check all the replies!! Hello to you all. Am in Carluke

bigspender30 Tue 30-Oct-07 20:29:26

sorry Donna. I just read your post. Hope your night was a success.

paolosgirl Tue 30-Oct-07 20:30:53

I work in Lanarkshire - Law House - and live over the border in West Lothian. Hi to you all smile

bigspender30 Tue 30-Oct-07 20:42:33

Did you all know there was a scottish mumsnetters night out for xmas? Just found it tonight.

M0ira Sun 04-Nov-07 19:19:45

Hi there, I've just joined the website. I'm Moira and live in Motherwell, 28 with 1 wee boy at 4 months. I'm interested in the Mumsnetter christmas night out. Where will it be?

gorymacmummy Mon 05-Nov-07 10:49:14

Hi M0ira; if you go on to the meet-ups section there is a topic on scottish meetup- its over in edinburgh on 15th december, although there are quite a few of us getting the train from glasgow?

SEME Mon 05-Nov-07 19:35:27

Hi I'm Leanne and I just joined!!!

I am also from Motherwell?!!!

geordiemacminx Wed 07-Nov-07 08:16:10

scottish night out

horsemadgal Thu 08-Nov-07 23:18:08

No-one want to chat to me then?? shock
Nice to see some more Motherwell girls here anyway.

geordiemacminx Fri 09-Nov-07 17:14:06

We should have abwee meet-up soon.. coffee and cakes nice healthy things wink

bigspender30 Sat 10-Nov-07 16:36:06

Hi Ladies- I would be up for coffee and cakes since I'm not going to the xmas meet up. Anyone know if there is anything arranged yet for Glasgow or Lanarkshire?

geordiemacminx Sat 10-Nov-07 16:51:07

Nothing arranged as yet, open to suggestions though!!!! Something Hamilton type area for us lot outside of the city centre

bigspender30 Sun 11-Nov-07 19:44:28

yes I would be up for that!

M0ira Wed 14-Nov-07 09:50:29

Hi All,

Sorry only just logged back in since posting my first comment. I would be up for meeting in Lanarkshire. Cant make the Christmas night as I have a friends birthday on the 15th.


bigspender30 Wed 14-Nov-07 22:38:20

when is everyone free?

bigspender30 Sun 02-Dec-07 16:45:07

how are you all? This board has been very quiet!

horsemadgal Mon 10-Dec-07 11:02:58

Everyone must be busy Christmas shopping!
Not sure I have a free night left now, maybe after Christmas?
M x

bigspender30 Tue 11-Dec-07 15:04:37

Hi Moira, Am the same. How cold is it? Bloomin eck . Was down the clydeside today with wee one seeing Santa at Gouldings. It was really good.

horsemadgal Tue 11-Dec-07 20:18:05

Is Gouldings the one with tractor ride? DS enjoyed that last year.
We have been to Sandyholm a few weeks ago (avoided the rush!) and he got a vacuum cleaner and selection box from Santa, not to bad for £5. Though MIL took my niece this weekend and said gifts not as good.

It is really cold, I think I may ask for hat and gloves from Santa. This from me who only started wearing jacket in last couple of weeks!!

bigspender30 Wed 12-Dec-07 15:39:28

ooh you're a right tough nut not wearing a jacket! I've had my heating on since September! Am such a woose haha. Yes Gouldings was the one with the tractor. Have you been to the clyde valley international park one with the train? Is that any good?

horsemadgal Fri 14-Dec-07 21:40:25

I have never been on the train one. But heard it was nice but really expensive and they try to sell you stuff all the way around!!
Santa visited DS at nursery today and he got a tractor, so think I may get away with not going to see him again!!

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