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Hello anyone on N Norfolk!!!

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claire7676 Wed 22-Aug-07 00:21:33

Hi all, have recently moved to North Walsham in North Norfolk, from London and finally found the time to rediscover Mumsnet! I have a DD whos 2 1/2 and a DS 1 and a DSS 11 (part time with us!) if anyone lives near by, please feel free to e-mail or reply as DD is asking where her friends are!! (And so is her Mum!!)

Annabanna Mon 08-Oct-07 11:36:07

hi claire, how are you? i have just joined this site and am slowly learning to get around it!!! How are you settling in? I moved from cambridgeshire and have a little boy and im pregnant with the second xx

peanutbutterkid Wed 10-Oct-07 19:33:58

HI Claire -- I'm close to you. I'm too shy to meet up with anybody, but I know NW quite well so can give you info here on any baby-toddler kid things you might want to know about.

A lot of people seem to move to NW from London/ SE, I'm never sure why....

mockney Mon 15-Oct-07 20:43:22

hi just wondering if anyone can suggest things to do around kings lynn as we are going for a weekend in november, we have 6 kids in the party ranging from 6 to 1. We are also looking for a firework display, any ideas would be gratefully recieved

claire7676 Fri 19-Oct-07 00:04:26

Mockney, I'm sorry, too far away from me! Peanutbutterkid, would love to meet and say hello. We really hardly knoe anyone! (And I can tell you why so many move!, I'm not terribly good at meeting people, but am feeling a little lonely as are the kids! Annabanna, Congrats on ure pregnancy, hope ure feeling ok! Are u near N walsham? Claire xx

peanutbutterkid Mon 22-Oct-07 19:38:15

Claire, can you drive? Best local toddler/pre-school group is Worstead toddlers, at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Fridays 10am-12noon, runs in holidays as well as term time. Free the first time you go, £2 thereafter to include drink-snacks-crafts and lots of play. About 50-50 NWalsham and village people.
Within NW, there's a free toddler group in term time in the Community Centre (1:30-3pm Fridays, run by a church group), and 50p or so to get into Monday mornings Salvation Army toddler gorup about 10-11:30 am, term time. Run Wild is doing toddler sessions, too (look on their door). Other parent+toddler groups: Swanton Abbot Monday early pm toddler group, Felmingham is supposed to have a toddler group on Wednesday mornings. Lots of people like the Elephant Playbarn (Knapton), too.

Have you signed your DD up for preschool -- which one? Can give you skivvy there, too.

oliviaelanasmum Mon 29-Oct-07 17:45:45

MOCKNEY I live nr Kings Lynn so if you tell me when you are visiting i can tell you what firework displays are on and where smile

claire7676 Mon 10-Dec-07 23:44:53

Haven't checked this, thanks peanutbutterkid for info! DD is at nursery, the Montessori, which I love, but no idea about schools!

peanutbutterkid Sat 15-Dec-07 10:48:45

Ah, was your DD an angel in the Nativity play this week? DS was a sheep one day and shepherd the other.
Almost everyone (not me, mind, mine go to a primary in town) at BrightStart sends their child onto a village school or possibly St. Nicks. You really need to go visit all the possible schools for yourself, though.

claire7676 Sat 15-Dec-07 17:51:18

She certainly was!!!!! Now I wish I'd gone both days! That's quite spooky! Have to try and work it out now.......

peanutbutterkid Sat 15-Dec-07 20:10:10

Well, I haven't a clue who you are, C-76! Just know that most of the girls were angels.
What sessions does your DD attend? DS is in M,Tu & Th am.

claire7676 Sat 15-Dec-07 20:53:49

And there was me thinking you were a super sleuth!! Should have left me marvelling at your powers of deduction!! She too goes M, Tu & Th am though! I'll wear a rose in my button hole.....

peanutbutterkid Sun 16-Dec-07 11:45:00

I'm the one who comes on the bicycle with pink childseat. Know me now? smile

claire7676 Wed 19-Dec-07 19:26:13

Ah, I know! Hello!!grin I rarely c u in the morning, coz I'm always late! I sometimes have a black lab with me? Always wearing black as I rush back to work...

babycarrier Fri 21-Dec-07 09:00:33

hi,im from kings lynn anyone like to chat as i like to email people thanks for looking sharon
could talk bout kids or things in general

claire7676 Sun 30-Dec-07 18:26:47

Yeah, up for a chat, don't get to check this very often mind.....

hellobellosback Thu 10-Jan-08 15:30:22

I looked up the Worstead link but couldn't find anything about toddler group. I didn't see anyting about it on the church noticeboard either. Found the toddler group in Dilham though. There's one at Hoveton which is ok. We're new to the area and know very little about what's available!

peanutbutterkid Sat 12-Jan-08 18:22:57

Just turn up for the Worstead group. Fridays, 10am onwards (-12noon). It's rarely cancelled, and free for first-timers. We had a meeting about publicising & management stuff a few weeks ago. I guess something on the village website would be good.

hellobellosback Mon 14-Jan-08 15:03:46

Is it in the church? I don't know Worstead all that well. The station seems miles away from the village, or the village is really spread out! There's another group in Hoveton on a Friday morning, but it would be nice to go to different places.

peanutbutterkid Tue 15-Jan-08 11:10:08

NO, it's in the village hall, I linked to it earlier. Which is directly opposite the church. About a 15 min. walk from the station with a dawdling toddler, there's a footpath (not too muddy, single width pushchair friendly) from opposite Rainbow's nursery to the village hall. If you're coming by train main problem is the train times aren't that convenient.
Honestly, if you like the Hoveton Fri. morning group I wouldn't bother with Worstead.

claire7676 Wed 16-Jan-08 07:47:03

It's a shame, we swim on Friday mornings, but as it runs in the hols maybe we could go to Worstead then.

hellobellosback Wed 16-Jan-08 14:29:52

Where do you swim claire7676? We tried the toddler swimming at North Walsham on Monday. The pool was great for 3.5 yr old but a bit cold for 18 mnth old.

rhys2004 Fri 18-Jan-08 22:52:15

Hello girls

Im from Fincham near Downham Market/Kings Lynn
Anyone near there ?

Ihave 2 boys a 3 year old anda 6 month old.

claire7676 Fri 01-Feb-08 22:47:39

Hi hellobecksback, sorry not checked for a while! We go to Smart swim, baby / toddler swimming lessons in a private pool at I think its called Ingworth, (near wolterton park) will check and post if I'm wrong. Its really good, really warm 45 min lessons, but impossible to take 2 at the same time at those ages as the lessons are kind of age banded. If u know other parents however you can private hire the pool - no idea of cost... We have tried Sheringham a few times and the kids have really enjoyed it, warm enough, changing a chore, but then it often is! Lots to keep them interested there. Mine are 3 and 18 months too, up for a joint swim somewhere if you want...... x

claire7676 Fri 01-Feb-08 22:48:24

Sorry Rhys2004, not ignoring you! Am in North Walsham x

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