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Akiya Fri 15-Nov-19 18:36:11

Hello there,
Me and my husband are moving soon to cardiff. We like our peace and quiet, so we don't need to be near bars or anything particularly interesting. Although we do like the community feel and would welcome and like to be part of a friendly community.

I hear Cardiff is a nice area so I assume it will be safe than a lot of other cities. My cursory look has me thinking Fairwater/Radyr/Pentrebane and Llanishen/Thornhill.

Please give me some idea as to what to avoid there, which areas, and what would areas you would recommend!

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TwinklyTwinkle Sat 14-Dec-19 15:58:29

I live in Radyr and would say it's a great place if you're a bit introverted but also want a bit of a community feel! We've been here since 2016 after moving from Dinas Powys after I got married (another lovely place) and the community feel here is great! Always little family feel events being run by the community and people are generally really friendly! We felt really welcomed when we moved and it made me love the place immediately.

Personally, I'd avoid Pentrebane as I think there can sometimes be a bit of antisocial behaviour. Fairwater is ok, but depends again on which part you're living in. Llanishen and Thornhill are meant to be nice to live in, but quite heavy for traffic. Llandaff North is meant to have quite a good family community feel and there's lots to do nearby, also Penarth is really lovely and has a good community but is quite a pricey area. I'd consider Dinas Powys otherwise! Have you been to visit and got a feel for any other areas? 😊

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