Primary/Middle schools with good SEN support in Fleet, Hampshire

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Sintara Mon 11-Nov-19 12:35:31

Hi, I'm looking for any advice/experience...

We are considering a move to Fleet fairly imminently and need to start looking into primary/middle schools. My son is 9, he is autistic and has an EHCP. He is bright and doing well enough academically but really its the social skills, learning friendship skills, emotional regulation etc where he needs the help. Lots of schools seem to focus SEN support for school work whereas I'm hoping to find a school that genuinely embraces diversity (in every sense) and that recognises the importance of the mental health and emotional well being of the children too. Essentially Id like a school that is aimed at building confident, happy children that love learning rather than just ticking Ofsted boxes!

I'd be hugely grateful if anyone has any experiences they are willing to share!

Thanks in advance for any help smile

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