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HannahE171 Sun 10-Nov-19 22:51:29

Hello, I’m after some advice about Windlesham School. My little boy is due to start school In Sept 2020, and I was planning to send him to a state school, recently we have the opportunity to send him to Windlesham thanks to a family member. I have mixed emotions as I think it’s an amazing opportunity but worry as we aren’t a wealthy family. Are most students that attend from a wealthy background or is there a mix, and what is the school like. Any advice would be great!

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ECO1979 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:17:45

Hi Hannah, as a parent of 3 at Windlesham (aged 4, 6, 10) I can tell you first hand that you absolutely do not need to worry about this. Many of my friends afford the fees due to financial help from grandparents and it’s not that type of independent school where there is an obvious distinction amongst families. On the whole it really is just local families wanting A lovely, small school which has a really lovely family vibe. We made the choice for our girls to go through and it was not an easy financial decision for us, out eldest will be going on to a state school but has had the most brilliant primary foundation and I am so glad she had the opportunity to experience Windlesham as her primary school. It has filled her with confidence, she has a good work ethic and wants to succeed and is so ready for her next step to big school (not sure I am!) because of the support and encouragement of all her teachers and the brilliant head! Your little one will love it and you will quickly realise you needn’t have worried. Hope he has a brilliant start in Sept. xx

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