Any female ADHDers bear Stirling?

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SueyJ Tue 29-Oct-19 18:50:37


My daughter's 12 and has ADHD. Now she's hitting a certain age I've noticed her self confidence plummet. She's aware she talks alot and that it annoys her peers, and says they are sick of her not knowing what's going on in class due to not being able to concentrate.confused

She becoming increasingly isolated because other kids don't 'get' her.

She's a great girl and very polite but she has started backing away from making new friends as she says she feels she'll be 'too much' for them when they get to know her.

She doesn't know anyone else with ADHD to chat with and I hoped there might be someone on here with a girl of similar age nearby who'd like to meet up or even text chat with her?

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