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Relocating for work

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Dean79 Mon 21-Oct-19 11:13:57

Hi, I might be relocating with my job to Westbury, so I am after some advice on areas within 30 minutes of westbury to buy a property, we would like reasonably priced and a nice safe area to bring up our 3 year old daughter, we currently live in Kent which has been going down hill in recent years with the ‘chavs’ taking over so would like to get away from that. Thank you in advance.

highheelsandwitcheshats Sun 27-Oct-19 22:08:39

What's reasonably priced? Prices here in the south west are generally a bit cheaper than the south east, but that will also depend on type of property, village/small town/big town, commuter links etc.
30 minutes driving or public transport?

I live pretty much bang on 30 minutes on a clear run from Westbury, but it can be closer to 45. Westbury itself seems nice enough, though I've not been often. It has a local train station and you can link to Bath for trains to London and Bristol.
Bradford on Avon is gorgeous. You'll pay a premium to live there but it's oh so pretty.
Trowbridge is just down the road. Significantly cheaper, but for a reason. You've rather generalised with your comment of Kent being taken over by 'chavs' (a term you'll get flamed on here for by the way). Kent is a big place. So is Wiltshire. Trowbridge has some nice areas and some not so nice areas. But you get a lot of property for your money.
Melksham is a small market town that's fairly nice and your money goes further compared to Corsham, Chippenham, Bradford etc.
Corsham is pretty, but no train station and getting close to the edge of your 30 minutes.
Frome is really pretty, you've gone over the border into Somerset there. It's only 15 minutes on a clear run though.
Warminster is a 7 minute drive away. Home to Longleat and supposed to be nice enough.
And then you have all the villages in between. And there are many of them.

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