New soft play centre

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PinkDaydreams Tue 15-Oct-19 13:05:58

Hello all!
Apparently there’s a new soft play centre opening on Great Homer Street, opposite Sainsburys, next to The Gym.
Does anyone know when it’s due to open please as I can’t find any info on the internet and I’m not on fb?

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PinkDaydreams Wed 23-Oct-19 11:46:22


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Fragglesrooke Sun 03-Nov-19 19:35:10

Yup, just saw it today - circ de something! Can't remember!! Looks really good inside but not finished yet. No info on when it's opening but can't wait.

PinkDaydreams Mon 04-Nov-19 14:11:21

I walked past the other day, cirq d play. Had a nosey online and the only thing I can find is job vacancies saying opening early November.

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