Family House Rental in Central to North Cambridge

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DorothyParker111 Mon 14-Oct-19 22:30:41

Genuinely curious to know what idea you had of the Cambridge housing situation before you arrived and where you got your information from. Sorry to hear that it has come as such a shock to you, wondering what more/else could be done.

Yellowbeetlebluebeetle Mon 14-Oct-19 10:21:10

Sorry that second link was meant to be:

Yellowbeetlebluebeetle Mon 14-Oct-19 10:20:28

Sympathies, renting in Cambridge is so difficult! Really overpriced and fast moving. Also Cambridge houses do tend to be small/not have much outside space.

If you/your partner are associated with the university you can try the Uni Accommodation service (if you haven't already):

Alternatively this is a message board with houses to rent direct from landlords (ie not agencies):

Alternatively you could look towards the villages - not Chesterton/Parkside catchment obviously but eg Comberton or Impington (both v good schools and accessible via bus/cycling)? You are more likely to find bigger/cheaper houses with more outside space/bathrooms outside of the city itself. Hope this helps and good luck smile

Anguillagirl Sat 12-Oct-19 08:07:49

Welcome to Cambridge! The rental market is a nightmare and very expensive. Have you found anywhere yet?

solar4 Tue 08-Oct-19 15:05:40

We are a family of 5 who arrived in Cambridge towards the end of August and have been struggling to find a suitable family house to rent. Everything on the market is either super expensive/new build with limited living and outdoor space or very small with limited bathrooms. There seems to be a missing mid range level of house. Is it just a bad time of year or do families just never leave once they settle here? There seems to be lots of movement within the schools. we are looking to stay within Chesterton Community college and/or Parkside.
Advice on how to navigate this market is very much needed. TIA

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