Croxley, Mill end or Chalfont?

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7506dan Sat 28-Sep-19 19:36:25

Hi Everyone,

Anyone got an opinion on the best area to live in from these three for a first time buyer with my girlfriend.

I have got two favourite houses that I have seen and also stuggling to pick a favourite. I am from Northwood and they both cost the same

1) One in Little Chalfont
Pros- very well furnished, would need no refurb doing once moved in.
-bigger garden than the other one
-6 mins walk to the tube station with access to the fast train / Chiltern rail
-Little Chalfont seems quite nice, friendly and safe
-new vilage to explore and out of london
-would only be 5 minutes extra journey time to work

Cons - the road isn't the nicest in little chalfont (appearance wise) but the house is just at the begginning of it and the majority of the walk to the station is on a really nice
-quite far from family and friends, whereas the other property is close to relatives and some friends
-an extra £500 to pay in tube fares to work (£3,000 in total)

2) Property 2 - Croxley Green
Pros - nice green and common for summer walks
-close to Watford, a big town for more amenities
-in a gated community - all new builds with its own tennis courts, field and park playground.
-closer to friends and family
-£2500 train yearly fees, so £500 cheaper

Cons- £300 yearly maintenance fees for the gated community amenities
-20 minute walk to the station and no fast trains - 1hour 30 minute journey time to work instead of 1 hr 10 minutes (on average about 20 minutes longer)

-even though the house is a newbuild, the property has been lived in and would need refurb (5-10k).

Any help would be much appreciated.

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