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Thoughts from you locals

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JoJoSM2 Wed 18-Sep-19 20:51:52

That's where you can compare schools. Looks like Shoreham Academy is the way to go for secondary in the Worthing area. I've never lived there but we often visit. There's a lovely leisure centre (Splashpoint) and a great promenade along the seafront with lots of kids biking/scateboarding/scooting, places to go sailing, rowing etc There's quite a range of shops in the centre but the size of the town is quite manageable.
It isn't fancy but I reckon a decent enough place to live and there are loads of families about.

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 18-Sep-19 18:11:54

Saltdean is popular with families. it is a 25 minute (ish) drive to Falmer, or a 50 minute bus ride. it has a primary school, and its nearest secondary is peacehaven secondary, a half hour walk or 5 minute bus ride from saltdean. The area also has various clubs that your children could get involved in (football for example). all the best with your move x

Cherokeemama Wed 18-Sep-19 17:46:24

So I need your thoughts , advice, suggestions!
I am splitting up with my husband and have a 13 year old, 12 year old and 7 year old.
I cannot afford to take over the mortgage where I live so have decided to relocate with all 3 children as I have just secured a job at the University of Brighton.
I will need to apply for schools and choose an area.
As you can imagine this is massively daunting ( as well as exciting) for me as I know no-one in Brighton and both the children and I will need to think about becoming part of a new community and build friendships. Hopefully that won't be hard as we a pretty socialised - lol
I have been recommended different areas - where would you look to live with 3 kids, the need for good primary/junior and secondary schools and accessibility to Falmer?
Also - what is Worthing like?

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