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Secondary Schools Poole

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FlyingBanana Sat 14-Sep-19 11:54:17

Hi! We're looking at secondary schools for my child in yr6 for next year and I wondered if there are mumsnetters with any advice

1st choice is the Grammar School. We've prepared but not prepped for a year+ as many do so aware this may well not happen!

Then Magna I think isnt for us. The child is v bright but also anxious and wants not just to learn a script but deepen subject knowledge etc.

I think its between St Edwards and Poole High. Any recent experience?

St Edwards seems "naicer" and friendly, but doesnt really set, v pro mixed clases and my daughter is v bright.

Poole high used to have an awful reputation, is one of the biggest secondary schools - Im worried about her slipping through the net. BUT they have an academic stream and set properly which is important to her. Would also be a bus ride... seems counter intuitive to work hard to get into Poole High.

Any thoughts?

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