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East Bergholt

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Honesty1 Wed 04-Sep-19 13:01:00

Hi - I'm new to mums net so, Hello.
My partner, myself and our daughter (9yrs) are seriously considering moving to suffolk from London. We have found a place in East Bergholt not far from Ipswich in the Dedham Vale. Does anyone live round there - is it an OK place to be? Ipswich seems a little desolate is it Ok. I'm concerned that our daughter, as a single child may feel isolated. Are people friendly? I'd love to get some opinions from people who live there already. Thank you so much

HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-Sep-19 12:32:26

Hi OP!

Only been in the area on holiday I'm afraid but it all seemed very lovely! We're just bumping this in hopes someone is about to help this morning. If not, you're welcome to post in Chat or somewhere else where you might get more people passing by.

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