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Montaguesmum Mon 02-Sep-19 18:26:50


My DD has a day place at Sevenoaks School starting Sept 2020. We're relocating from Horsley in Surrey. DH commutes into the City and I am hoping to do some part-time work also in London. We want somewhat rural but also a community and shops/activities for teens (one also at Uni) i.e the cinema etc.

We're currently focused on Oxted/Limpsfield/Limpsfield Chart/Westerham as we don't want to be in Sevenoaks itself and are looking for a house where we can settle and not move again when the kids are gone - but where they can get to see old friends without an hour's drive.

Can anyone give advice on the reality of the drive from Oxted to Sevenoaks for the school run? The downside is no train to sevenoaks and the bus only goes to westerham. Our other option is going further down the Oxted line and having her take the train to tonbridge, change and up to sevenoaks but can only see that working for going home. Love any thoughts.

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Atlanticgirl Tue 10-Sep-19 16:15:04

Hi Montaguesmum, my DS commutes from Oxted to Sevenoaks School. The current local mums organise a taxi leaving from Oxted library in the morning and dropping back in the afternoon. It's been fine and worth it for such a great school. The bus route up to Westerham is quite regular and saves you driving all the way down if they are travelling outside of the taxi times (but I've never managed to convince mine that this is a feasible option). It's a very sociable school so you may find yourself doing regular evening runs (especially at the weekends when the party scene kicks in) but can't fault the experiences and the teaching.

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