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La Fontaine academy

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MTL2019 Sun 24-Nov-19 21:19:54

Thanks a lot for your response Autummleaf19. Your comments are insightful. And yes, hopefully things would change with new headship. (I guess only time will tell!)

Autumnleaf19 Sat 05-Oct-19 08:15:45

I have a child in year 2. Academically it’s a very strong school and I cannot fault it. It’s very disorganised and chaotic at times in terms of communication though. I don’t feel that it’s completely delivered on the promises made before my child started. However they have a new head starting next year do things could all change.

MTL2019 Sun 01-Sep-19 21:57:45

Hi there 'bluewater12',
Thanks so much for taking the time to feedback. That's really good to know that both your son and daughter are doing well academically! That's a plus. And yes, will PM you for more info. Thanks!

bluewater12 Sun 01-Sep-19 21:05:39

Hi, I have 2 children there (going into yr3 and yr2). I have very mixed opinions on it. My daughter (yr3) is way beyond her peers, and is excelling academically there. She enjoys it thoroughly.
My son (yr2) is also academically beyond his peers, but has SEN which have been dealt with abhorrently. Happy to discuss in more detail via PM.

MTL2019 Sun 01-Sep-19 14:12:15

Hi there,

Any parents who can kindly give me an insight into La Fontaine Academy please? Considering it for my son but it's a 20 minute drive from where we live!

PM if necessary!

Many thanks

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