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Hello Wigan - is there anybody out there???

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Lou230 Tue 07-Aug-07 10:01:41

Just joined mum's net and want to share advice, ideas for good facilities/things to do with kids in the Wigan/Standish area.....

pinkmook Thu 18-Oct-07 21:59:12

only just seen this! I live in the standish area....what types of things to do are you after? indoor/ you have transport?


BethAndHerBrood Fri 26-Oct-07 20:31:39

I'm near Wigan too, but not seen this message before?!!

francesca1978 Sun 28-Oct-07 14:35:57

Wooo! I'm near Wigan too. It's a bit quiet in here isn't it?

SaoirsesMummy Mon 29-Oct-07 00:43:41

Im from wigan! xxxx

BethAndHerBrood Mon 29-Oct-07 19:39:10

There is something a bit odd going on with this thread - why does it say there's just one message? And why is it not always there?

Or is it just me?!hmm

pinkmook Fri 02-Nov-07 19:19:24

Hey, BethAHB, SaoirsesM and francesca!! Wooo, ridiculously excited by the fact I am no longer alone in this thread! Woop! Whereabouts in Wigan are you all? grin

BethAndHerBrood Fri 02-Nov-07 20:53:07

i live in Ashton, but spend a ridiculous amount of time in "Big Asda" and am quite partial to the Costa Coffee in the new arcade place.

pinkmook Mon 05-Nov-07 20:05:02

Oooh Don't know Ashton that well but know the big asda!! I keep missing everyone in this thread and then posting 3 days after the last comment! doh.

Francesca and Saoirsesmummy...where are you two from and where have you gone.!!

BethAndHerBrood Mon 05-Nov-07 20:17:38

Quite frankly, why would you know Ashton unless you lived there?? It's not the most exciting of places!! I've been to Standish once. To pick up a wheel my brother bought off ebay! We go to Haigh Hall sometimes, does that count?

pinkmook Tue 06-Nov-07 20:27:03

Ha! hey ashton can't be that wait you're right (kidding!)

Ah well it looks like we scared off the others grinshock

BethAndHerBrood Tue 06-Nov-07 20:51:40

I live in Ashton - I'm not easily scared!! I am clinging to this thread like my life depends on it, I hardly know anyone, just a chat is good!smile

Fireflytoo Fri 09-Nov-07 23:22:54

If i live in Skem can i join this thread? smile There is nothing locally

francesca1978 Sun 18-Nov-07 23:42:55

Sorry I forgot to check back! I live in Tyldesley which I suppose is not really Wigan at all, but it's not Manchester either LOL!

AnastasiaBeaverhousen Tue 04-Mar-08 15:14:35

Looks like an old thread but will jump in anywho's, I live near wigan, there's not so many of us I see.

chubbymummy Mon 07-Apr-08 09:43:34

I live between Wigan and St Helens so can I join in too please?

mrsmummy Fri 25-Apr-08 12:34:34


i am in winstanley, can i join??

chubbymummy Fri 25-Apr-08 12:38:01

Hello mrsmummy.
Nobody seems to use this thread as it doesn't come up in active conversations but hello anyway.

alkar Sat 26-Apr-08 21:05:08

I'm in wigan too. Does anyone know of any baby yoga classes close to wigan?

athleticmum Mon 02-Jun-08 14:41:08

HI All & Beth and her brood.
I live in Ashton and it ain't that bad, very handy if you dont drive. Railway nearby, airports and local amenities close and a good midway point for most places like manchester and liverpool. Also lots of pubs, not like I can go in them with the kids. Don't you think the area is missing a great pub and restaurant with play area for mums to go and take the kids of any age?

sparkymummy Fri 13-Jun-08 20:05:07

Theres toddler yoga at Middlebrook in Horwich, though LOs need to be 2 and half. I'm not in Wigan but live nearby in Westhoughton

Ambi Sat 14-Jun-08 20:46:21

alkar, have you joined surestart? they have a few baby classes, not sure about the yoga one though.

Ambi Sat 14-Jun-08 20:47:33

I'll have a look for you. I do think that Wigan, although it's improving it's baby/toddler groups, there does need to be more.

alkar Sun 15-Jun-08 14:13:52

Thanks sparkymummy, I'll keep that in mind for when he's older.

Ambi - yes I've joined surestart, can't find a yoga class though. Was thinking of babysigning instead. Where are you from ???

Ambi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:55:19

I live in Lowton. Can't find any babysigning in Wigan but there's some in Warrington surestart centres, I'm hoping to go myself soon.

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