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Michie76 Mon 12-Aug-19 08:11:32

Feeling very annoyed and frustrated, just wanted to see if anyone experience the same issues. After many many years of trying to sort out the maintenance issue, either issues with the service or my ex not paying. Maintenance is now being taken directly from wages. I thought my frustrations were over, this is not the case. Every month there is a letter in my online account stating the payment is late. I have had many many reasons from MS, employer is a large company and they do not always send the breakdown of the payment. We are actually paying for the service, my ex pays 20 percent extra and 4 percent is taken from my daughter. This payment is even worse ,payment is so late I am likely to receive two payments when it is finally solved. I am always being told by MS not to rely on the money, I do have to rely on the money, I find the whole system is against me, my daughter is now 15 and this as been going on since she was six months old. I am wanting to see if anyone experiences the same? Many thanks

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