DD15 What do teens do in Cambridge (if their friends are away)

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FredaNerkk Wed 07-Aug-19 23:08:00

DD15 (my DSD) will be in Cambridge next week Monday to Friday. Her younger step-sisters (primary school age) will be going to an activity camp, and she will have a few days to herself while DP and I are at work. Her school friends live in another city (not close).

Keen to hear ideas from mums of teens. She’s a great girl – easy going, a little shy, no strong likes or dislikes.

We’ll find some time during the week for family activities. And no doubt she’ll spend some time relaxing at home. But what might she do on her own, other than shopping? I'm a bit stumped for things for teens to do on their own in Cambridge.

We don’t want to push her to go and visit Oxbridge colleges unless there was something in particular for her to check out. We don’t want her to misinterpret such a suggestion as us pushing her to apply to Oxbridge.

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BlueChampagne Thu 08-Aug-19 13:37:07

Mum of almost teen:

Jesus Green Lido?
Museums? Fitz, Arch & Anth, Zoology, Sedgwick, Computer museum
Botanic Garden (nice cafe)?
Sightseeing tour bus?

BringOnTheScience Thu 08-Aug-19 21:54:27

Zoology museum is great if she's sciency. Cafe is fab with charging points too.

Market, then an ice cream sitting on the wall on King's Parade.

Burleigh Street for all the charity shops & Forbidden Planet.

Central Library

EmmaGrundyForPM Mon 12-Aug-19 04:31:56

If she's into gaming or computers then the Museum of Computing History is fab.

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