Things to do with a 4 year old

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foxyfemke Wed 07-Aug-19 06:57:01


I will be staying with my MIL for a week from today with my DS 4. We have a few things lined up, but I'm looking for some indoor ideas, as the weather doesn't look great.

My MIL is in Queensferry, but her knowledge of what;s fun for a 4 YO is outdated! Any pools with slides/flumes for example in this area? Nice soft plays?


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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 07-Aug-19 10:51:53

there is a potter cafe where you can paint some ceramic ornaments (xmas presents from dc?) and then get them fired whilst you have something to eat and drink

timetwister soft play is a 30 minute drive or 50 minute bus ride away

there is also deepseaworld aquarium

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