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Moving to Wilmslow

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Fallingrain Wed 31-Jul-19 14:24:55

Hi all,

I’m in the early stages of considering a move to Wilmslow. I’m from the area originally but I’ve lived down south for a looong time. Husband is not massively keen but I think it would be great for our family and I reckon he could be convinced.

So, questions. Has anyone else moved from down South and found that they and their kids settled in ok (one of the things we are most nervous about)? Any primary school recommendations? I was looking at Ashdene and Gorsey Bank so would welcome any specifics about those. I’m generally a joiner in so I’d happily make friends as long as people were generally friendly!

Is high school difficult to get into or ok from feeder primaries? What if I was interested in grammars?

Thanks - generally looking for a bit of reassurance that we won’t be treated as southern lepers!

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