Edinburgh Private Schools from West Lothian

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cherish123 Sun 28-Jul-19 17:45:03

My DC is about to move to Secondary School. I am keeping my options open regarding state/independent education. Does anyone have any experience of attending independent schools in Edinburgh from West Lothian. All children in DC's class are going to the local state school. Any advice?

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guessmyusername Fri 02-Aug-19 22:32:00

Many of the children attending private schools in Edinburgh come from all over east Scotland, not just Edinburgh. Some travel by train and some of the schools (ESMS and GWC, maybe others) lay on buses from various places including West Lothian. Obviously if you add significant travelling to the beginning and end of the school day it makes for a long (and tiring!) day. But many children do it. Only you can decide if it is worth it for your DC.

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