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Move to Sheffield?

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icklepoyser77 Fri 05-Jul-19 10:06:17

Hi all
My partner has gotten a new job at Bradford University (hoping to get a job at Sheffield University in a couple of years) We currently live in Derby and I work in Nottingham City. We need to move north and feel that a suburb of Sheffield city would be a good mid point (Bradford/Notts)
However we have absolutely no idea what each area is like so if anyone could help me I'd be very grateful.
We are both professionals and would probably be considered definitely middle class. We currently live in a good quality, quiet suburb of Derby and our son attends a fantastic primary school which feeds into an outstanding 'top 3' secondary school in Derby. We are wanting a similar living experience in Sheffield. Also across the side of the city which the M1 is on as we will both be using that each day to travel to work. So far I've done some reading around sothall, Beighton, Wales, Aston etc but would really love the opinions of people who actually live in Sheffield.
Many thanks smile

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