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Winford, Cheshire

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BringOnTheWall Mon 01-Jul-19 15:28:08

I looked at a previous thread and noticed that there were quite a few negative comments about Winsford. Most of it centered around it not being "as nice" as other areas in Cheshire. Well, that's true and is also true of everywhere else - every county has places that are "nicer" - which usually means that they are more expensive to buy/live in and that the existing population will probably not see you as "one of them" and therefore not want to know you/give you a hard time. Winsford's not too bad and if you don't like the local schools do what so many others do - enjoy the cheaper housing in Winsford and then contrive to send your children to the schools in "nicer" surrounding towns. Again, this is fraught with problems as I am sure that kids at "posher" schools would quickly identify such kids and then bully/persecute them for being "poor". Personally I found that the local schools did a good job - if a child is determined to do well they generally will I find.

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