genuine question to parents regarding support services

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BEX2912 Mon 01-Jul-19 14:21:16

Hi Mumsnet.

This is my first time using Mumsnet and I have to say I am a little confused - so I'm going to chuck this here and hope I get a response!! ha!

I am a child behaviour specialist - I have previously worked for the council as a family support worker and LOVED my job, however working for the council was .... let's say... tricky, I have since left but I genuinely miss working with families and helping people.

I would love to set up my own business, supporting families who are having difficulties with anything from child mental health, behavioural issues, sleep, learning or physical disabilities. It would support and guidance - not telling you how to be a parent - providing different ideas, strategies and ways to implement them - supporting you through it.

My question - and worry - is would people pay for this when it is available for free on the council? Obviously the waiting list is HUGE and the support available is changing to families who tend to need a lot of support rather than people who just have questions, queries or worries. Also I found that actual practical support was difficult to find - especially when it came to child mental health. CAMHS is great in it's own way but the waiting list is again huge and that is more therapy than solution focused support.
I would basically like to open up the support to the masses rather than just people who need intensive support.

So, would this be something you would want access to?
How would you access it - face to face, via website, social media?
Do you prefer to get support from other parents rather than professionals?
If it was something you were interested in would you prefer to travel to an office base or would you prefer the support in your own home?

Thank you in advance for your honest opinions.
I really appreciate it. ANY answer is absolutely okay. I am just putting feelers out in the best place I know!

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