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Madcats Fri 02-Aug-19 13:39:41

@NeedBathAdvice my daughter went through the Junior School at KES - she loved it. Not all the children are, but it is helpful to be sporty and willing to try new things. There are 3 hours of games/week and an hour of PE/swimming alongside sporty clubs before/during/after school.

A fair few lessons take place outdoors and there seemed to be plenty of trips, the highlight being activities week when the school sends each year off to various outdoor activity centres (or France in year 5) and parents go somewhere -nice.

DD seemed to have very little homework but, to hear other parents, I sometimes wondered whether the children were all at the same school. We all concluded that the 'smart or focussed' kids just did most of their work in class whereas the perfectionists and day-dreamers ended up doing far more work at home as a result. As the children progress through the school some of the senior school staff pop over to do teaching (nearly every child moves up to the Senior School and the year almost doubles in size).

Music features quite heavily too - stringed instruments in year 3, woodwind and brass year 4, Indonesian things year 5, steel pans year 6 and most children learn an instrument on top of that.

If your child is a day dreamer, KES isn't for them. The senior school is selective (but not overly so) and, again, parents perceptions of the amount of work their child is doing in the years 7 & 8 varies markedly.

One big difference might be Saturday school - certainly Monkton insist(ed) on it?

You'd probably get a good idea about what the kids get up to by looking at their twitter feed "*@kesbathjunior*".

TheStirrer Thu 11-Jul-19 20:05:42

Have a boy in Kingswood Senior and a daughter who has just left in Year 11. Can’t offer advise re the prep school as mine both joined in Year 7 from local state schools but I think the ethos will be very similar.
Kingswood definitely not the most academic school in Bath (KES is) but still does well. It suits both of my 2 as lots of sporting opps, music, theatre and arty stuff. It really suits children who like to be busy (4 clubs compulsory in year 7) and really encompasses boarders so a international feel as well.
Most of the state primaries are pretty good as are most state secondaries so don’t feel obliged to go private. I know lots of very happy Beecher Cliff parents despite the recent publicity.
Happy to answer more questions if I can.

Tinkertoes Thu 11-Jul-19 12:00:17

Hey @NeedBathAdvice did you get anywhere on this? We’re looking at a similar move (but next year) - would love any insights you’ve gathered up along the way as a lot of the stuff on here is quite old. We’re also looking at State, imagine you’ve done your research on that too...hard when neither me nor DH are from the area!

NeedBathAdvice Wed 03-Jul-19 16:55:25

Thank you @soniamumsnet :-)

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soniamumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Jul-19 15:11:33

Just bumping this thread for you, @NeedBathAdvice- hopefully someone will be along soon with some advice.

NeedBathAdvice Mon 01-Jul-19 12:54:33

Hi all, struggling to make decisions about schools in Bath. We are relocating for work - looking forward to it but it's a big move as we are really happy where we are with schools, lifestyle etc and it's all moving very fast! We have 2 children aged 7 and 9 - both doing well academically. We have options in 2 state primary schools and have looked around King Edwards, Kingswood, Royal High. I am looking for a school that has plenty of outdoor time and where they can have as much fun as possible at primary school. I think I am looking for feedback especially re: KES - for people who have children there as to whether there is a good balance between academic and enjoyment? Or is it much more focused on results? Will ultimately come down to spaces etc but would love some views on any of the schools please.

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