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Moving to Tolowrth

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Manucal Mon 24-Jun-19 13:25:10

Hi everyone! We are looking to buy a house in the kingston area (possibly new built) and were looking at surbiton and tolworth. We've found one we like in tolworth (Fullers way) and I was wondering if any of you live there and want to share their opinion about the area? How is it shopping wise? Any green spaces? How is the feel in the high street? We love a nice village feel more than the London kind of vibe. We'll be commuting to London for work! Thank you!

HTKB Mon 01-Jul-19 23:31:14

I don’t think Fullers way is for you if you want those things..... it’s very very concrete and adjacent to the the A3 and a very busy junction. Tolworth itself is quite concretey. The high street is fairly downmarket although it has some brilliant ethnic supermarkets and the M and S. The nearest green space is Alexandra park i think but it’s not really walkable from there.

Berrylands has a much greener and leafier feel and a nice nature reserve.

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