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IAR22 Mon 10-Jun-19 14:37:51

Hi all! I'm potentially looking into starting a school uniform business for DCs in London and would like to to discuss some potential issues that mums are facing when it comes to buying school uniforms.

Here are some questions that I'm looking into atm:
How often do you buy/replace school uniforms during the year?
To you what are the biggest stresses associated with buying uniforms?
What's the number one reason why you replace uniforms through out the year?
Would you be willing to pay for uniforms that come from ethical and sustainable producers?
Do you buy your uniforms online? If not, why?

I seriously appreciate your help and insight in order to build a business that works for busy mums out there!

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IAR22 Mon 10-Jun-19 14:39:20

Also, is there anything that you could think of that could improve the school uniform shopping experience?

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Pipandmum Mon 10-Jun-19 14:54:50

Our school used to use an online service, so you could only buy the uniform that way (blazer, tie, sweater, skirt or trousers, all sports kit). This was the biggest stress - had they sold out? Would it arrive on time? Would it fit??? They recently changed suppliers so now we can go into (one) shop. Yay! My child can now try things on and I can walk away with the item rather than wait and no postage.
I bought complete uniform once and only buy more if worn out or grown out of. Always buying socks. But my daughter has had the same skirt for three years now.
Our uniform is very expensive (£90 for the blazer alone). I would be hard pressed to pay even more if it came from an ‘ethical’ producer. We already have a facility to sell on second hand uniforms.
Improving the uniform by not having so many different logo’d items required (like why can’t the reception kids wear plain white polos instead of having to pay for ones with school logo)? Socks have school colour stripes in junior school, the shirts have to have a specific style collar; there’s a winter and summer games kit etc etc. Too many items at too high a price. This may be specific to our school though. You can’t walk into M&S for the summer dress for example, the style is unique to the school.

sanitygirl Mon 10-Jun-19 15:02:34

Hi, I buy all my son's uniform second hand via the school PTA. In the past I've bought online from M&S or Sainsburys but now it's much cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) for me to buy second hand. Sweatshirts and t-shirts have the school logo so could not be bought elsewhere. I might be interested in ethically made trousers/shorts but they'd have to be the right fit and comfy as my son is very fussy. I buy bits when things wear out (usually trousers at the knee), if he grows out of them or loses bits. I don't find it at all stressful.

My daughter's secondary uniform again is mostly school logos so has to be bought from a specific shop. She is very very particular about the style of skirt she'd wear, so while in theory I'd love to buy an ethically produced skirt, it would have to be the right style/fit (she is very slim and most skirts are too big at the waist)

More practical to sell online would be ethically produced PE kit (plain t-shirts, joggers, skorts), socks, tights - items that don't have to carry the school logos.

IAR22 Mon 10-Jun-19 19:01:21

This is very helpful, thank you!

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WindsweptEgret Mon 10-Jun-19 19:13:09

I replace uniform when it is outgrown, about every two years.
I would buy uniform from ethical and sustainable producers as long as they were comparable quality and lasted until they were outgrown. I currently buy Marks and Spencer generic uniform and buy from the school supplier or second hand uniform pool for school specific uniform.
I buy generic uniform online.

WindsweptEgret Mon 10-Jun-19 19:17:53

Just to add, the sizing is important, such as regular and longer leg length options for secondary school trousers.

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