North Walsham

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piggie88 Sat 01-Jun-19 19:20:40

Is it a nice place to live?

Currently house hunting with not much luck. We originally wanted to go to Aylsham but there's nothing much for sale there. We've looked at every house in our budget and none have been suitable.
Now considering North Walsham, seen some nice houses there that seem like we'd be getting more for our money than any we've looked at in Aylsham. Only thing is my husband says it's got a bad reputation and he doesn't want our children growing up there. He used to go there when he was at high school, he's now 35 so getting on for 20 years so maybe it's changed now? His best friend also lives there and he likes living there but my husband is still not convinced.
Is it really that bad? Surely you get good a d bad parts of anywhere?
I don't want to move there though and end up hating it and for him to say I told you so confused

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