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Anyone in Hove?? Looking to move there soon

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Doulton1 Mon 27-May-19 17:31:24


Just joined mumsnet so new to this!

Me and my DS are looking to join my partner who’s already living in Hove over the next few months (May 2019)

Hoping he will get a placement in West Hove Portland or Connaught any feedback on schools? Anyone have little ones starting this September?

Really love hove and we have spent a fair amount of time there over the last few months it has a real homely feeling to it and hoping we will settle in nicely.

We’re moving from Eastbourne (this is where all my friends and family are) and I will be looking to change my job to hove eventually too.

Partner works away so is here for a few weeks and then away again for weeks.
So will be me and DS a lot of the time. Don’t really know anyone that way yet so worried a little that i will feel isolated.

Are there any good after school or holiday clubs?
My little boy loves trains and loves to play and meet new friends too.
And if course I would love to meet some friends 😊😊
Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙏🙏

Thank you.

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