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newarkmove Tue 21-May-19 14:36:30


We are thinking of relocating from London to Newark. My partners sister and hubby live there and his parents live in Nottingham.
The plan is for hubby to travel to London for work but only part time. Hoping to work from home in the main part. I will also travel to London 3/4 times a month for work.
Does anyone here do this or know anyone who does? We are hoping to try the journey out (or at least my hubby is) to help us to make the decision.

Any recommendations on which part of town to live in. Thinking closer to Newark Northgate for the train would be a good idea, but only if it's a nice area. We currently live in a really bad area of London and only want to relocate to an area which improves our quality of life!
My eldest starts school in 2020, so primary schools are a hot topic for us as well. Any thoughts on these?

We were in Newark at the weekend. Such a shame that M&S has closed! Sadly it is the case for many major stores on high streets these days. Part of the pull to Newark is that the town seems to have a bit of life about it. Would others agree?
Are there things for the kids to do- e.g swimming, gymnastics, judo etc etc. I've noticed there is an Odeon cinema which will be great for when the they are a wee bit older.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Tue 21-May-19 17:58:13

in regards to primary schools and clubs, chuter ede primary is rated outstanding by ofsted. there are lots of clubs in newark, such as tap, ballet and jazz dance classes, swimming lessons, gymnastics, and kickboxing. to be in the catchment for chuter ede you need to live in Fernwood ( you can check postcodes of potential properties catchment areas here) - which is a nice place.

newarkmove Tue 21-May-19 20:14:31

Thank you so much for yourbdetaiked response. This is a great starting point. We drove past and Fernwood at the weekend. It looks as though it's a newish build estate. We will take a closer look next time we're there. I've seen quite a few properties for sale there.
Thanks again.

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icklekid Wed 22-May-19 02:31:50

I'd have a look at balderton area to live in too. Plenty going on in town and for families. Have a look at good Ofsted rated schools too- don't limit to outstanding I'd go and look round Coddington primary for example. The commute should be straightforward enough.

newarkmove Wed 22-May-19 09:20:47

Thank you.
Others have advised as you have on the importance of viewing schools and not just being led by Ofsted.
We will defo be checking out coddington as well as it looks like a good side of town for the station.
What are your thoughts on the area immediately around Newark Northgate station?
I'd love to be able to walk into town/shops so that we don't have to get in the car every time we need to go out. I guess I'm just used to that. Being in London I hardly use the car. It's not a deal breaker but it's on the check listsmile

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Chatty36 Sun 06-Dec-20 09:31:36

Moving to Newatk on Trent please advise on best parts to live in.

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