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Primary schools advice in BR1

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gunnu Wed 15-May-19 11:15:32


I have a very big dilemma about primary schools and would appreciate advise on this from local mums.

We loved Chislehurst/Elmsted wood/Bickley area when we visited few times. We found a property that we liked in these area... we tried to find right house in orpington/ PettsWood area but couldn't find any property that we liked so.far.

I have two kids under 3(boy and a girl) so I am not considering private school.
I know there are 'outstanding' schools in orpington such as crofton / warren / farnborough / perry hall etc.. and very popular for parents who.want to send their child in state schools. But we didn't like any property which falls in the catchment of these schools.

We have set our heart on one of the properties in BR1, it falls in catchment of Bickley primary, st George, scotts park and La Fontaine. And for secondary school, we will fall in catchment of bullers wood boys and girls both.
Do you know how are these primary schools? How are they compared to other popular schools which i mentioned above? I feel I am sacrificing my children's education for the house and area we like, so I want to ensure that these are also good schools and my kids will do fine.

I am very academic and did my Masters from oxford despite coming from some not so great public school in India, so on other hand I feel that bickley primary vs. Crofton should not matter if my child is clever enough but as parents we always worry that whether we are making right choices for them.

I would hugely appreciate advise and any guidance anyone can provide on these schools. Our offer on the property is accepted so we need to make the decision quickly. Unfortunately I can not visit these schools as their open days are in September.. if anyone can shed any light on these questions, that would be a big help.

Thank you in advance.

Ara19 Sun 19-May-19 08:06:35

I would say living in Bickley is a better option as you are in catchment for excellent schools, Bullers wood girls and boys or ravensbourne if you co Ed.

As a former parent I can say la fontaine is a great school. Bickley and St georges are also very good schools and is I woukd be happy if my child went to either of them. Bickley has a very small catchment so the children that attend I woukd imagine all live pretty close.

Petts wood/Orpington have great primary schools but not much for secondary. Darrick wood depending on where about you live but the catchment is still quite small. You would also be in catchment for some of the grammer schools but again it all depends on academics.

Me personally I would go for BR1. Good schools, excellent transport links into London and close to the shopping centre.

gunnu Mon 20-May-19 14:47:33

thank you @Ara19 for your response. It is such a relief to know that each of these schools are good.
I have heard that Bickley has bigger green space / grounds, where as St George and La Fontaine don't.

I have a visit planned at LA Fontaine in Jul, I will go and see how I feel about it. The other two schools don't allow any visit before open days.
I will be about 0.3 miles from Bickley primary school, so hoping to be in the catchment but you never know.

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