Progressive/social-emotional focussed state primaries in York

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Dwjssdss Thu 09-May-19 00:17:02

Is there such a thing? We’re thinking of relocating to York and looking for a primary. For us the social-emotional aspect of school is the most important component but it’s the hardest to find using the internet. So I’m wondering if you have any suggestions of schools I can check out. We’re open to any and all areas in and around York for the right school, ideally a state school but we’ll consider private (I’m already aware of the Steiner school). Ideal qualities would be diverse, inclusive, child-led/emergent learning, minimal testing, no homework, no competitiveness, strong parent community. I’m not expecting to get all of that but just to give you an idea of what kind of things that appeal. I realise it’s a lot to ask from the state sector but I’m hoping there are some out there! Thanks for your input.

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