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Opinions on Neath, Port Talbot

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LakotLinda Fri 03-May-19 19:01:21

Myself and other half and our nearly 3 year old are looking to move to South Wales and have been looking around the Swansea area. We were there in March for a mini holiday and to do some research and visited Port Talbot which we really liked after having a look along their highstreet and then into the little shopping centre.
We are currently in Southampton and have both gotten to a point where we want to be in a nicer, more quiet area thats affordable. And that isn't Southampton. But I keep seeing a lot of conflicting things about the place and now we are wondering if it's really the right area.
The reasons we want to leave are;
We want better schools for our little.
We would like somewhere more small town like, we are done living in a city.
We feel very unsafe in Southampton. The crime around the area is frightening.
And one of the biggest is that it is so expensive to rent here that we couldn't afford to pay the rent they would want for a three bedroom place.

We like port Talbot because it looked to have everything we really wanted from a place to call home.
Nursery and then schools close by.
Access to basic amenities.
Not as much hussle and bustle as a city.
Affordable rent.
And we've heard a lot about how friendly people are.
My other half can get a job around the area because of its the industry he is in.

Can anyone shed some light on what the place is really like from personal experience?
Many thanks in advance!

CaravanHero Sat 04-May-19 23:05:46

I've never lived in PT but have travelled through it many times.

I know nothing about the schools or house prices really - but I do know that if the wind blows the wrong way there's the most awful smell due to the massive steel works. It's often jokingly called 'Port Toilet' by those in surrounding areas.

S Wales has many lovely parts but personally I wouldn't consider living anywhere in PT for this reason. The smell really is sickening at times, in the wrong place.

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