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Frimley Park Hospital

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mandygill Wed 01-May-19 13:05:27

Hi ladies
Can anyone please provide some info about their good and bad recent experiences of having given birth at Frimley Park Hospital? I gave birth first time at St Peters, Chertsey but had a bad experience and GP has suggested I could choose Frimley this time. I need a planned c-setion this time because of complications last time. Thank you.

rosydreams Wed 01-May-19 13:24:21

well i have not given birth there in years but its a nice hospital clean,nice staff and i was well looked after.My friend had a c section there last year and recovered well.She had quite a hard time failed induction,her babys heart rate plummeted but they acted quickly and she and baby were fine,her son is now thriving.

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