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What is Burntwood like?

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imLucy0k Sun 28-Apr-19 18:19:57

Hello! I hope you can help. Can anyone tell me what Burntwood is like to live in? I've researched on the internet and getting very mixed opinions. We are originally from Sutton Coldfield but we want to get away, mostly to get out of Birmingham. We'd like to move somewhere a bit greener but don't have a huge budget. I know most of the surrounding area reasonably well e.g. Lichfield/Rugeley/Cannock, but I just don't know Burntwood at all. Research shows that there are some great schools - i'd like my children to eventually go to Erasmus Darwin * I think *. It seems just the right spot, but this is all based on internet research so my understanding of the area around this school may be skewed - i'd like to get some 'real' opinions if possible? Is it OK or a bit um, chavvy - as some people have suggested?

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