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Where to live with young disabled teen

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Flippershex Wed 24-Apr-19 11:20:10

Hi all,

We are planning to move down to Brighton having lived there a v long time ago but moved for work. Ds is going to be going to Brighton College and will be 13 when we move. Ds is physically disabled and also autistic and a long travel time to school is going to cause issues so we need somewhere relatively close. Our budget is around 600k - ideally we'd like Queen's Park but I think that will be beyond our means. If anyone knows what Woodingdean is like then that would be great too. We need a 4 bed ideally but could also do a 3 bed with room to extend. Could anyone advise as to family friendly areas? I work from home so I would love to have somewhere with a coffee shop close by so I can get out for a bit during the day!

Thanks in advance.

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