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aoneill Tue 16-Apr-19 16:30:48

We're looking at relocating to Cornwall from Nottingham. My husband hopefully has a job interview in a few weeks in Redruth. Can anyone tell me what the Redruth area is like as a place to live or maybe any areas within a 5 mile radius?

Thanks smile

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austenozzy Tue 16-Apr-19 22:43:10

Hello! Hate to say it but Redruth isn’t particularly nice, sorry. It ranks alongside Camborne and Penzance as being among the rougher places. You’re not too far from Falmouth, certainly commutable, which always rates among the best places to live in the southwest or even nationally. We’re a couple of miles from Falmouth and we love it here. Truro isn’t too far from ‘droof either.

Hope you enjoy the move, Cornwall is an amazing place to bring up kids, my daughter doesn’t know how lucky she is but she gets to enjoy a great outdoors lifestyle (when she can be bothered!). We’re near the coast path, beaches, lots of clubs and stuff going on, sailing with both school and family, etc.

Good luck!

aoneill Wed 17-Apr-19 18:18:11

Hi austenozzy.
Thank you muchly for the information, we will stay clear of those areas! Sounds idyllic where you're living in Falmouth and it does look yet another beautiful part of Cornwall. We also have an 8 yr old boy and would love for him to join some clubs. He currently goes to cubs (not sure if they have anything like that down there?) what's they schools like around Falmouth? You also mentioned Truro... is that an ok place to live? We're considering St Austell /par too? smile

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BugPlaster Wed 17-Apr-19 18:42:50

Truro is a lovely place to live but my experience of it is old.
I have a friend near Redruth, a place call Illogan - lovely houses, not far from beautiful countryside and beaches on north coast.

aoneill Wed 17-Apr-19 18:55:32

Hi BugPlaster
Thank you.. we shall keep that in mind too. Really appreciate all the advice 😊

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austenozzy Thu 18-Apr-19 20:30:47

Hi OP. Yes, cubs, brownies etc all going on all over the place. Lots of sport clubs of all types. Excellent sailing as you might expect!

Schools in/near Falmouth are pretty good overall, DD’s does lots of outdoor stuff. They have a ‘reserve’ in local woods, loads of sports, sailing in the summer, so on.

I’m not a fan of Truro, for no real reason in particular. I just can’t put my finger on it! Bit dead of an evening once workers go home. Falmouth is more arty and studenty, loads of good eating and drinking, independent shops, things to do. I can’t think of anywhere else in Cornwall I’d live tbh.

aoneill Thu 18-Apr-19 21:03:19

Thank you for that. We keep searching at houses in/around Falmouth but there's not a lot for sale around our budget unless lots of work needs doing on it. We will keep searching though and fingers crossed we find something soon!

Thanks again 🙂

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Betsy2Heaven Wed 05-Jun-19 21:25:13

I wouldn't write off Redruth. Unlike Camborne, it is having a bit of an upward rise at the moment. Yes, it's got a little way to go but it's not doing badly smile It's not as expensive as Falmouth and truthfully, no it isn't as nice, but it's not really a tourist destination so you shouldn't get too crowded in the summer. It's easy to get to the north or south coast and there are some lovely villages nearby if you don't want to live in the town itself. There's a railway station as well as it being right next to the A30; so it's good for travel. It's not far to the Camborne International Science Academy which is (AFAIK) the top rated state school in Cornwall.

Is it possible to come down for a week and have a mooch around to see where you like?

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