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Where to live in Leicestershire?

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Forfamily Mon 15-Apr-19 09:00:20

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the long post 🙈

We are currently looking into moving out of Beckenham/ Bromley area and possibly to Leicestershire (Sept 2019 for the start of next academic year).

We are a family of 4, we have two DD 3 and 5.5 years.

We are looking for a change in lifestyle but also don't want to be out in the "sticks" as one of my fears are moving out of London not knowing anyone and becoming very lonely and sad. I am a very social person and have a great friendship grp here as well as my girls.

We are looking for a cosmopolitan area with good transport links (DH will need to travel to London for work), good schools, good sense of community/friendly, things for us to do as family on the weekends, good parks and not too far from shops/supermarkets.

We have so far looked into:
Kirby muxloe
Oadby- (Brocks Hill school seems great!?)
Clarendon Park
South Knighton
Market Harbour

DH is visiting soon and it'll be great to get any help, advice and/or suggestions.

Also school catchment areas seem to be hard to obtain/ get my head around without an address, can anyone help with that? I'm thinking to have a chat with the council tomorrow.

Much appreciated in advance!

Ineedaweeinpeace Mon 15-Apr-19 09:03:09

Quorn outside Loughborough - village but 10 min walk to town. Very social village lots of nice pubs and cafes. Great primary school and the grammar school
Is excellent. Ratcliffe prep is great too.
Or Woodhouse Eaves outside Loughborough - lovely state school there.

Forfamily Tue 16-Apr-19 10:35:08

Ah! We havent looked into Quorn. Thanks for the tip will have a look into it!

Budek Mon 20-May-19 20:52:12

Hi there, we live in Kirby Muxloe and really love it here. We moved here from London 14 years ago... Not sure if you’re still checking this thread. But feel free to contact me 😊

Forfamily Thu 22-Aug-19 09:11:57

Hi @Baudek,
I'll PM you!

Forfamily Thu 22-Aug-19 09:12:32


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