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Commute to the Blue Coat School,Liverpool

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deepam Sun 14-Apr-19 06:24:48

My daughter has been confirmed a place in the Blue Coat School Liverpool.We are thinking of moving to Widnes ,any suggestions how can my daughter commute to the school from Widnes .Is there any bus service from Widnes to the school.

HamishTheTalkingCactus Sun 14-Apr-19 06:54:37

the Arriva 79c and Halton buses 14 run from central Widnes via Hough Green to Picton Clock/High St Wavertree, which is the main road about ten minutes walk to the Bluecoat.

BitOfFun Sun 14-Apr-19 06:55:06

The school puts on buses. Check with them.

AndWhat Sun 14-Apr-19 07:11:00

The train from Widnes would get you to Allerton train station with a good 30 min walk or she could get an 80 bus from Rose Lane to the top of Allerton Road.
Just check the train timings as they only used to be once an hour.
Personally for me I think it’s a long distance for an 11 year old to travel for school especially when there are good schools in Widnes.

laksm Mon 06-May-19 18:12:53

My daughter is also got in Bluecoat liverpool this year and we are also looking at options from widnes. Looks like there are few buses. myself not familiar with the area still exploring

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