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Considering Rochester

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Peaceandquite Sun 14-Apr-19 04:28:59

Dear All,

Rochester has shown up on my list as a possible relocation venue. Could anyone kindly give me on the ground practical advice please? I would be moving from Croydon with 2 kids; a 16month old and just under 3year old. It'll be just the 3 of us moving so practical advice ei housing and the correct catchment areas to live for the outstanding schools and grammar schools will be very much appreciated.
I may have to work at different locations so info about travelling around will also be helpful.

Anyone done a similar move? What's your verdict and would you recommend? I visited Derby to see the place not bad at all only down side is long commutes 1 and half hr drive minimum to work....with 2 kids on my own killing the prospects of it.

Would appreciate guidance about Rochester.


lfoatw2 Sun 14-Apr-19 08:42:00

I've done the complete opposite - grew up in Rochester but now live in Croydon. Rochester itself is nice but the surrounding towns less so. Lots of good schools around and the history of the area is great but some parts need to be avoided

Bubblepod Sun 14-Apr-19 08:52:20

I would not recommend Rochester at all I grew up in Medway then moved to London ....Rochester is a lovely historical town it’s the surrounding towns that are the problem , Rochester has a very busy nightlife aswell the whole street is full off bars and you would have to travel into a neighbouring town to do shopping etc as I don’t think Rochester as many shops anymore ...

Peaceandquite Sun 14-Apr-19 11:18:19

Many thanks guys. If Rochester isn't that great esp if neighbouring towns will be a let down....any other town you'd recommend at all? Had a look at Tunbridge wells....seems pricey as per rightmove( but seems to have the best schools apparently). Lost as to what other options I have.

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