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Who wants to be friends??!!!

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JaxyWaxy Thu 12-Jul-07 23:42:27

Hi everyone. I've just moved to Cornwall (near Launceston) with my 16 month old twins and really want to make some friends! I'm in PL15 - is there anyone else nearby?

casbie Tue 17-Jul-07 13:01:29

sorry - lawwwwwston is too far from me.

sure you'll find someone though.

twins - have much fun and choas is that - great!

madderthanaboxoffrogs Sat 28-Jul-07 20:18:12

Hi folks, I have triplets who will be 2 on 4th August Jacob, Joe. Tilly. I live in Burras in between Helston/Redruth and I am alone a lot of the time. It is very difficult to get out with 3 toddlers on reins and all tantruming at once. Any ideas for safe areas to meet and let 3 little ones loose without coming to any harm? I lived in Cornwall from the age of 15 then left like Dick Whittington for fame and fortune(found neither): to London and finally made it back down here agian 12 yrs later where I feel I am at home! I have been here since dec 06. Is there any one out there?????:0

casbie Fri 21-Sep-07 08:54:48

try the children's centre in cambourne, that's supposed to be a great place to go. i had a friend who used to live in cambourne and she said it was excellent!

also, if breastfeeding, there is tonnes of support and bf mums!!

iesha Tue 09-Oct-07 10:51:27

HI Madder, Gosh, what a mad house you must have!! Have you tried Bombadingas soft play and cafe. My DS loves it there, he can go wild in comlpete safety and I can have a quiet (ish) lunch and relax without too much intereference.

Icantdothis Thu 11-Oct-07 16:54:28

Just thought I'd let you know about which is a great place to meet local parents - it only put up forums last week but it's got loads of great stuff on it. wink

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